Friday, August 25, 2006

Disloyalists pledge to continue shooting their party's governor in the back

According to reports today, Stumbo is going to stop shooting the Governor in the front, but Republican officials have declared they are not going to stop shooting the Governor in the back.

Those Disloyalists. They're so hard to please.

Bill Stone, former Jefferson County Republican Chairman, asked a great question in his radio debate with Jack Richardson, current Jefferson County Republican Chairman and one of the leaders of the Disloyalists. The debate took place on the other day on Front Page with Sue Wiley in Lexington. "What are you going to do," asked Stone, "if Gov. Fletcher wins the Republican nomination? Are you going to support him?"

Richardson tried to dance around an answer, but finally said he would.

Then Stone ran him all the way through: "Are you going to have any credibility at that point?"

Of course, Richardson couldn't answer this one. But this is the position Republican officials find themselves in: they digging themselves a hole they will not be able to dig themselves out of.

Behind all this is the Republican puppetmaster himself: Mitch McConnell. If this is a display of his fabled political skills, there may have to be a reassessment when this is all over.


The Chairman said...

I'm sorry. I can't support someone who would blatantly lie to our faces like Fletcher did by telling us the ruling "exonerated him" when in fact he had entered into a plea agreement.

I can't support someone who would engage in the outrageous personal attacks Fletcher did against Trey Grayson when he merely hinted he could run for governor. Not only that, the outrageous tactics used behind the scenes to try and cause trouble for the people who hosted the fundraiser for Grayson's Secretary of State fundraiser at their private homes was even more outrageous.

Any person who would support Fletcher after all of that are those who are truly disloyal to the Republican Party.

Martin Cothran said...

So you're condemning Fletcher for making what you claim are "outrageous" personal attacks on others, but it's okay for others to make personal attacks on Fletcher?