Friday, February 23, 2007

Legislative debate over HPV vaccinations, by Lewis Carroll

Yesterday's House floor discussion over HB 345 seemed like something Alice might have encountered after falling down the rabbit hole.

Okay. So state lawmakers are not professional logicians. Premise granted. But really, how do the proponents of mandatory HPV vaccinations show their faces in public again after yesterday's surreal debate?

Kathy Stein got up on the floor and argued that HB 345 was NOT a mandate, and that was one of the reasons House members should vote for it. Then another legislator got up and said that the reason to vote for it was because the only way insurance companies would be forced to cover the cost of the vaccine was if it was a mandate. In other words, the reason they should vote for it was because it WAS a mandate.

In other words, the reasons to vote for it canceled each other out.

Lawmakers must have had the same feeling you get after the Teacup ride at Disneyland as they left the chambers.

Then, even though (claimed Stein) it was not a mandate, an attempt to replace the word "require" was not only opposed by bill supporters, but ruled not germane by Speaker Jody Richards, even though it clearly was germane.

Next week's featured House debate: Whether the knave of hearts really stole those tarts.

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SPorcupine said...

National Public Radio covered this story on its morning show yesterday, saying most public health experts do not support a mandate.