Monday, April 09, 2012

Jefferson County schools redefine "diversity." Maybe they can redefine education too

Jefferson Count Public Schools has figured out a way to become more "diverse" by changing the definition of "divsersity." By simply saying that diversity means something different now than it did before (it now includes, for example ESL students), the district has raised the percentage of schools complying with the district's diversity standard from 53 percent to 89 percent.

Of course, modern public school systems like Louisville's are all about diversity. It saves them the trouble of having to think about how bad the education they are offering is. If you can't meet meaningful academic standards, you can set up diversity standard that you can meet. And if you can't even meet those, you redefine diversity until you can.

Which makes me wonder. If redefining your goal is an acceptable way for the JCPS to meet its diversity standards, then why can't they simply redefine education so they can meet their academic standards too?

Maybe I shouldn't give them any ideas.

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